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The Leader In Me

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The Leader In Me


7 habitsUnderstanding the 1st two habits:

Habit # 1: Be Proactive

When we talk about being proactive, we are talking about taking responsibility and initiative. We know we should do the right thing, even if no one is watching. Our students learn that, they can choose their actions, attitudes, and moods. Our older students begin to understand their “circle of control” and our younger students use “stop and think” charts to visualize this habit.

In the classroom, examples of being proactive include keeping an organized desk, turning in homework, and welcoming a new student.

Habit # 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Beginning with the end in mind means, having a goal in sight and making a plan to achieve that goal. Students work together to create classroom mission statements and look for ways to contribute to their school’s success. They understand the importance of being good citizens and having strong work habits.

In the classroom, this habit is used when learning how to solve multi-step math problems, planning a writing assignment, and working through long-term projects.


Ask your children how they are putting habits 1 and 2 into use at school. Then brainstorm ways to use these habits together at home. Habit 1: How about clearing the table without being asked?  Habit 2: How about tackling cleaning the bedroom and determining the steps needed to achieve the goal of a tidy room?


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You have probably heard about or seen the brochure that came home recently about the Leader in Me program.  If you’ve walked the halls, or stepped inside a classroom, you have seen signage for “The 7 Habits,” the “7 Habits Tree,” or better yet, heard your child use vocabulary such as “Be proactive” or “Begin with the end in mind.”  This program started with one small school in North Carolina more than a decade ago and has grown to implementation in over 1,000 school across the world.  If one small school started something great and shared this imagine what our small school, full of extraordinary students, learners, and supporters can do to impact not only our own lives, but all the lives we touch along the way.  The Leader in Me program starts with us, us as teachers, and even parents, incorporating the 7 Habits into our own lives, so that we can understand, and then model those behaviors to help develop leadership skills in our students.  It’s not just about building leaders, it’s about building character and confidence, encouraging responsibility and accountability and working together, connecting home and school, and making sure that EVERY child can see the Leader in him or herself.



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