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Faculty & Staff

Crestview Elementary School Staff

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Administration and Office  
Jenna Childress Principal
Suzanne Lauer Associate Principal
Tera Koch School Counselor
Lisa Eberhart School Counselor
Mary LaNeave Registrar/Secretary
Robin Daley Secretary
Mary Hovermale School Nurse
Carrie Marsh Preschool Teacher
Lisa Keller Preschool Instructional Asst.
Lynn Reid PEDD Preschool Teacher
Kia Wright PEDD Instructional Assistant
  Autism Preschool Teacher
Megan Smith, Jaina Adams Autism Instructional Asst.
Kristy Coleman Lynne Thomas
Jennifer Gustavson Alison Meehan
First Grade  
Jeanie McKeon Virginia Seccia
Linda Wachter  
Second Grade  
Lizzie Lee Katelyn Crook
Virginia Cook  
Third Grade  
Dianne Seaborn Anne Stewart Kyber
Erika Giorgis  
Fourth Grade  
Melissa Guertin Kathy Gradeles
Fifth Grade  
Virginia Willis Jennifer Walker
Exceptional Education  
Amanda Hawthorne AIS K-2
Phillip Moore AIS 3-5
Noah Jones Collaborative
Jillian Flowers Collaborative
Angela Flint, Mary Lou Warman, Ada Sanchez, Chamini Rajaguru Instructional Assistants
Sierra Scione Speech Therapist
Elizabeth Compton Occupational Therapist
Karen Karwowski Physical Therapist
Rick Krogmann Psychologist
Emily Thomas Social Worker
Yvonne Althoff ESL
Teresa Atkinson Gifted Resource Teacher
Kristen Cross Librarian
Harrison Robertson Library Assistant
Cassie Perkins Art
Kelly Dyer Physical Education
Christina Brooks Music
  Innovative Learning Coach
Jackie Raye Cooper Reading Specialist
Jennifer Coleman Math Coach
Ryan Crain Technology Support
Preschool Evaluation Team  
Kamechia Dobie Early Childhood Teacher
Lisa Hall Speech Therapist
Jan Wheeler Early Childhood Teacher
Custodial Team  
Matthew Dickerson Benny Sweeney
Mousa Dawood Calvin Taylor
Zeke Mitrovic (C&M) Adel Zaher (C&M)
Earl Smith (C&M)  
Trina Ampey (Manager) Glen and Maria
Sherry Edwards (Monitor) Nadia Barakay (Monitor)